Ready to jumpstart your career in speech pathology?

Look no further, you’ve found your home.


Speech Improvement Center offers comprehensive evaluations and treatment services for children in need of speech therapy.

  • Do you consider yourself the best in the field?
  • Are you ready to jumpstart or skyrocket your career in speech pathology?
  • Are you willing to dedicate yourself to learning, growing, and developing your skill set, which could lead to a financially rewarding career, not just a job?


At Speech Improvement Center, we hire only the best to implement their best in playing a loving and supporting role in families’ lives.

With over 25 years of revered experience in the industry, Speech Improvement Center delivers first-rate speech therapy services to children struggling with a variety of impediments.

With our 45-minute sessions, we are changing our patients’ lives one hour and session at a time, with lifelong benefits felt long after our patients leave speech therapy. Unlike a traditional clinic, Speech Improvement Center gives our therapists the infrastructure and support clients need to reach their goals and live a more healthy, engaged and active future.

Speech Improvement Center team doing a quick huddle!

By the way,

our patients love us, and we love them. Many of our patients’ relationships grow into close personal friendships. They often bring us treats like coffee, donuts, pastries, gift cards, flowers, and other treats. This is not your typical, stuffy clinic environment.


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