Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) License Requirements in California

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If you are interested in getting your Speech-Language Pathology License in the state of California, here are the steps you need to take to meet the requirements.


  1. You need to earn your Master's degree in speech-language pathology  (60 semester units)
  2. You also need to complete  300 hours of clinical practicum while supervised under the direction of an educational institution approved by the board.
  3. You need to submit evidence for completing the hours. For full-time you need proof of 36 weeks and for part-time you need 72 weeks. The experience MUST be obtained under the supervision of a licensed SLP.
  4. You need to take and pass the board approved exam. The passing score for the exam is 162.
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Pathways of Obtaining your SLP license:

  1. Required Professional Experience (RPE)
  2. Equivalent qualifications ( for those who have certificate of Clinical Competence issued by ASHA)
  3. Active license from another state
  4. Previous CA license - has to be expired more than 5 years ago
  5. Education in a foreign country



Steps for submitting requirements:


Note: numbers 1-4 are required for RPE temporary License
  1. Fill our the application along with a passport quality photo of yourself
  2. Submit a check or money order of $60 to the board
  3. Fingerprinting - California requires Live Scan. You need to submit the copy of the completed Live Scan to the board
  4. Recommendation


Note: The following must be submitted within 30 days of issuance of the RPE license

5. Transcript

6. Photocopy of your degree


Note: The following can be submitted anytime during the RPE.

7. Take the exam - remember the passing score is 162


Note: the following must be submitted at the end of each supervised experience.

8. RPE verification form


Note: Following must be completed after eligibility

9. Permanent license application - NOTE: this will be sent to you by the board once you verify the supervised experience

Mailing the Requirements

You have to mail the application along with your photo, the live scan, application fee, and the live scan fee. You will get an email within weeks from the board informing you that they have received your application. You will then receive the tracking number and a timeframe of the process time. Once everything is processed, you will receive your license in the mail.

It is important to know all the requirements and details when mailing your application. If you are missing documents, the process of receiving your application may be delayed.

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Time Frames:

Once you submit your application and get the email confirmation that the board has received your application, it will roughly take about 8-9 weeks for the board to review your application. (Note: the process times are taking longer now because of the volume of applications being received by the board)

Once your application is reviewed, if you have all the required documents, you will get your license within 1-2 weeks.

If there are additional documents required from the board, it will take up to 4 extra weeks for you to receive the license.

If you submit your RPE verification form, you will get your permanent SLP license within 5-6 weeks.



Fees for Speech Language Pathologists


Initial license fee                                    $60

Renewal fee                                            $110

Delinquent fee                                       $25

Temporary license fee                         $30

License verification fee                       $10